Hugelkulture- timeless widsom

I am part of a forum of passionate Permaculture Farmers, who are trying to live a good life and spread the good news about living responsibly and sustainably. Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d sure like to hand my kids this world as a gift of unending possibilities, opportunities and love. I believe learning to connect to and live in respectful harmony with the Earth is the way for us.

Hugelkulture is an amazing gardening technique that gives back to our amazing planet, and also helps Her give us even more! Our Planet and beautiful Host is so generous and loving, She responds so positively to those who consider Her. Here are a few links that explain this amazing Hugelkulture and all the wondrous benefits using this technique can mean to your farm or garden.

:My Friend, Paul Wheaton’s Blog:

:Forum Post discussing Hugelkulture:

:raised garden beds: hugelkultur instead of irrigation:

:Forum Post discussing and pictures showing Hugelkulture Beds:

Videos about Hugelkulture:

^ in this video they show a few folks working together to put a hugelkulture bed together

proof hugelkulture works!

::hugelkultur raised garden beds FAQ::

My HOA won’t allow anything like that, what do I do? (my neighbors would freak out, what do I do?)

There are many possibilities. Some people dig a trench five feet deep, fill that with organic matter and have something that is either flush with the surface or it appears to be only one foot tall (which is in the comfort zone of neighbors and HOA folk). Other people will build something that is 18 inches high the first year, and add a foot each year. Still others will have so many neighbors build them all at once that it is difficult the buck the tide. And then there is always the back yard.

I have standing trees that are about to be cut down. I don’t want to have a bunch of logs sitting around until they are old to be used for raised garden beds. What do I do?

The wood doesn’t have to be old to be used. In fact, it is even better when fresh!

Do I need a wood chipper/shredder?

No. This style of raised garden beds works much better if the wood is not chipped. So much more peaceful and less smelly too!

How do I till it every spring?

Once the raised garden bed is built, you don’t ever till it. As the wood breaks down inside the bed, it will sorta-kinda till its insides itself. And with a really tall, really steep raised garden bed, nobody will step on it, so the soil will not become compacted.

I’m 81 years old. Does this make gardening less work?

More work to set up. But less work as the years pass. Planting and harvesting should be easier since you won’t have to bend down as much. On the second year and beyond, all irrigation and fertilization will be eliminated – so that’s less work. When combined with permaculture and polyculture techniques, you can even eliminate planting seeds, so that in the end, all you ever do is harvest.

What will this do to the flavor of the food?

It will make for stronger flavor. Especially for fruits. Expect far more flavor in tomatoes and berries.


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