IMG_5253 (800)

This picture is when we received our first order of fruit trees to begin our orchard on 11/12/13. This is how it all started for us.

IMG_5260 (800)

Here are all the dormant baby trees soaking the roots before they are put in their permanent home.

clover comeback

This picture was taken 3/12/14 as the clover was coming back in the orchard. If you look close you can see the bare baby trees.

IMG_3454 (800)

Our 2014 Spring order of trees, arrived 4/10/14, roots soaking while we dig the holes.

IMG_3640 (800x600)

The baby trees began waking up, this was taken 4/25/14

IMG_4673 (800x600)

All our baby trees with significant growth in 2014, this was taken on 9/27

Here is what our orchard looked like 05-15

Below is how the orchard looks Spring 2016. In 2015 we fertilized all our fruit & nut trees with comfrey tea, and the growth we experienced was awe inspiring!


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