The Goat Barn: Start to Finish

Well, we aren’t quite finished yet, but the barn is functional and in use. Milkyway (our very pregnant doe- first time) is enjoying her cozy stall. We have some painting yet to finish, already used a gallon of paint on it, and probably need at least another 1/2 gallon to finish. Then there is the trim around the big picture window, we need to build the milk station, and some shelving inside for storage. I love this barn, it’s well insulated (for a barn) and built perfect for my tiny goats and I. πŸ™‚

We used 45 free pallets to build the walls of the barn and stall. We used free 4”x12”s for the floor, and big free 8×8’s for the posts to keep the floor up off the ground, free plywood as siding and free metal for the roof. So including concrete for setting the posts, screws, nails, lag bolts, paint, hinges and latches, we are into this thing less than $100. Oh yeah! I’m amazed at what we can build for almost nothing, and this barn will last many years.

So now for the photos of the project, from start to where we are now.

Day 1 – Setting the posts for the floor. 2016-03-06 – we put up the framing… this was SO HARD, as these timbers were very heavy, awkward and hard to get nails or screws through.


Day 2 – 2016-03-09 – Center support and posts, put in lag bolts securing the frame to the posts. Laid the boards in place and nailed them down. Ouch! lol

Day 3 – 2016-03-10 – We ran out of nails before we could get all of them done, so here we are, nailing some more.

Day 4 – 2016-03-11 – Pallet prep day… ugh, this was tedious, and hurt Tim’s back, but he got it done! More than 40 pallets, made uniform for the walls.

Day 5 – 2016-03-13 – Making corners with the Pallets, and starting the walls.

Day 6 – 2016-03-16 – More wall building, and framing in the doors.

Day 7 – 2016-03-17 – Finishing building the walls, and put up the stall.

Scabs – this is how we attached the bottom level of wall pallets to the upper layers.

Day 8 – 2016-03-19 –Β  Started putting up the pen.


Day 9 – 2016-03-20 – Framing the roof.

Day 10 – 2016-03-22 – Insulating the walls where the stall is, to keep goat kids draft free, and then siding!

Day 11 – 2016-03-23 – Roof on, siding up, stall functional.

Day 12 – 2016-03-29 – Paint


So we have a little ways to go yet. So I’ll update the post as we go. Thanks for reading, and looking.

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