Our Orchard Begins

We are so proud and excited about our progress toward sustainable farming, and here is a glimpse into what our Orchards will become! A Rainbow of Nutrition for Vibrant Golden Health! ❤ HOORAH!

I Am Good Fortune


ONE THING the world needs now is people who can tolerate ambiguity, people who are challenged, not threatened by the state of the world. I want to suggest a few things such maturity might require.

First, do not seek security in things, nor yet in status. The care of possessions, and position, is time- consuming and energy-consuming, and they can be taken from you by a thief in the night, by a fire in the night, by a change in political fortunes, by any numbers of disasters. Whatever security you have lies in yourself.

Henceforth I ask not good fortune. I myself am good fortune.

If you understand yourself, both your strengths and limitations, If you like the person you are, if you acquire coping skills through experience, if you are not too encumbered, and if you know- inwardly- that disaster cannot ultimately overcome you, then you have gone a long way to maturity. You will be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Second, don’t rest In intellectual security, for your philosophy and the knowledge on which it rests are likely to become obsolete. Wisdom is not amassing facts….

Third, the only real security in the end is the love we have given and the love we have received. All else can be taken from us. So pour out your love and friendship and do not hoard it … And don’t delay or hesitate In standing up to be counted with the oppressed.

Finally, cultivate the light touch. Develop a sense of humor. Learn to light up a room with joy when you enter. Accept the challenge of our chaotic and dangerous word with a sense of adventure, of gratitude that our time is now.

– Elizabeth Watson, 1980.


I find myself feeling intensely inspired by the Shaker & Quaker Faiths, they share so much love and wisdom. I may not agree with every one of their beliefs, but so many of them really resonate with my heart and heart-centered beliefs. I’m thankful for their shining example of how to practice positive thinking, compassion, spirituality experienced through the individual and how they did their best at everything they set their hands and heart to.

My New Stoneware Dutch Oven, a Sign of things to come!

My newest manifestation! SoOoOo Thankful! My Stoneware Dutch Oven, yesterday I finished making my first ever batch of sweet baked beans! YUM! It took 2 days to prepare and make- pre-soaking the beans and then slow cooking them. I LOVE SLOW! hehehehe

I have been desiring more traditional healthy ways of preparing my family’s food- while ridding my home of teflon coated, aluminum and other toxic pots and pans, creating a vacuum for my desires to find me at warp speed! I’m replacing the toxic cooking implements with Cast Iron and Stoneware- learning to cook using these more traditional means is like HEAVEN! I love learning to use these amazing implements, as they require me to slow down, and put lots more thought, intention and love into the meals I prepare for my family 🙂 Its so fun learning to cook like my Ancestresses used to, and enjoying the quality of health they also enjoyed, before all the “convenience” foods took over 🙂 Cheers to rediscovering ancient wisdom in this amazing modern time!

I choose to believe that Heaven Surrounds Me

I Live as if heaven surrounds Me – cuz it does!

How can I bring myself into vibrational alignment with the desires that my experience has produced?

Pay attention to the way I feel, and deliberately choose thoughts –about everything– that feel good to me when I think them.

I am so happy and thankful Now that:

  1. my kitchen, pantry and food storage are fully stocked with nutrient dense, vibrationally healthy foods that nourish our bodies/minds and souls and all of the miraculous functions that work in harmony, to make life sweet.
  2. myself, my husband and kids are healthy, wealthy, happy and free.
  3. our planet and all of her children are living and thriving in harmony, respect and sustenance for all.
  4. I am living my dreams, as a beneficial organism in harmony with nature, appreciating and enjoying the endless abundance of the Earth.
  5. I am learning about and practicing the magical effects of cultivating and consuming probiotic foods.
  6. new sustainable, free energy devices are being created in abundance freeing all people from the obsolete system that desires to enslave others.

What is Defeat?

“What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.”

Wendell Phillips


Amen to this! The winds of change is the only constant in this Universe. The Universe/God/Energy is always moving, into form, through form and out of form. I truly feel that we have been educated to fear change, to fear change is to Fear Life. We didn’t come here to dwell in fear, we came to this physical world to LIVE in JOY! This is how I desire to live my life each day. In Joy. When one learns to just go with the flow and have faith in Life, things ALWAYS work out, and in my experience things work out better than I could imagine or anticipate. When I lived in fear the first 20 or so years of my life, my thought patterns were dominated by worry, fear, self doubt, self loathing, and blame and victimization. My thought patterns were the lens through which I view the world and everyone in it. When I was 27 I watched, “What The Bleep Do We Know?” and soon after “The Secret”, and I felt the truth and realized I have always been creating my life, but by default with the negative thoughts and beliefs I picked up on my physical journey from childhood and beyond. I can choose to change my thought patterns, and once I began practicing new thoughts, ones I wanted to think, about desires and good feeling thoughts, miracles began unfolding in my life! With each belief I changed, a part of “me” died or ended, and a new part was “born” and with more intentful practice became a joyful part of my personality. I create a better Me, in Joy!

2/24/2012 ::Rampage of Appreciation:: Thank You Timmy

This morning I feel the desire to brag/gush over my amazing Husband. Lately, Tim has been telling me;

“I’m thankful for all that you do.” He told me that he no longer notices what I’m ‘not doing’ and focusing more on appreciating all that I do instead.Wow! My Man ROCKS!!!

We both came into this relationship with emotional baggage and non-serving habits from our collective past. Both of us coming into it habitually focused on what our partner was “lacking”, our differences or the things our partner wasn’t doing, or was doing “wrong” which nearly ended our relationship several times. Each time realizing how much we wanted to stay together and not let the trivial details of life get in the way. We both began the shift in intention, the inner change of what aspects to focus on about any given subject (i.e. each other)- we chose to focus on how much we appreciate the qualities, virtues, and actions, deeds and intentions our partner does have and how much we do for each other and our children, our goals and dreams for our future.


I brag and gush that my hubby is the best! He inspires me, turns me on, encourages, supports me, my best friend and soul mate. I love going down the rabbit hole with you, Timmy! Exploring Life with you is my joyful honor! Thank you for being the perfect lovable you, and for loving me back.