.:Comfrey Corner:.


Welcome to Comfrey Corner!! Here you will find info, recipes, links and uses for this amazing plant! Every homesteader, forager, gardener or livestock raiser should be growing this plant!

This is Ozark grown, fast growing comfrey that provides so many uses, I don’t know how we ever survived before growing it on our homestead!

  • nitrogen rich mulch
  • compost pile starter
  • animal fodder
  • garden/orchard fertilizer
  • sprayed on the plant/tree it repels pests and nourishes immune function
  • medicinal properties
  • grows fast and creates a lot of biomass
  • attracts beneficial pollinators, like honeybees, native bees, & even hummingbirds!
  • they are beautiful plants, with big dark green foliage and bright purple flowers

***bear with me, UNDER CONSTRUCTION***

Already know about Comfreys amazing superpowers? Want to buy some right now? Well we have you covered! Just put in your order with our little PayPal button thingy below. Thanks for stopping by!

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