Rocky Hollow Gardens Online Store

As our investments mature (such as fruit trees, honeybees, mushroom garden, eggs, veggies, berries etc) we will post what we have available for purchase. You are welcome to put in an order by calling us at (573) 539-9535 or email Tim at


Right now we have an abundance of farm fresh eggs available. More than 10 dozen available for purchase. Give us a call or come on over and get yours. Our eggs are produced from happy, healthy free ranging chickens so they are getting bugs, worms and other things they forage adding great nutrients to their eggs. Plus we feed kitchen scraps which they love. We also feed non-gmo feed, which I also ferment to boost nutrition and enzyme availability. Our eggs are top quality and highly nutrient dense. The yolks are a vivid bright yellow indicating high nutrient content. Eggs are a very good food source for human nutrition, but the chickens must be raised and fed right to get the best quality eggs. We feel we provide that wonderful benefit.


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