2014-11-19 Our FlockMeet our beautiful flock of chickens. These are Cinnamon Queens (a cross between Rhode Island Reds & Rhode Island Whites). We purchased 36 hens and a rooster from a local farm June of 2014, at the time the chickens were about 10 weeks old. They began laying eggs in August of 2014, and are great layers, even in winter. We feed our flock Non-GMO feed, which costs more than regular or cheap chicken feed, but we do so because we do not want to consume GMOs in the eggs we eat, and because we want our flock to remain healthy too. We also ferment their feed in order to make it more easily digestible and nutrient rich for them, which results in more nutrient rich eggs. They also get table scraps, garden waste and forage for bugs, worms and other wild feed.

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