Summer 2016: Soil

This year has been an exciting growing season for us, since switching from hugelkultur mounded rows, laid out on contour, to tire terraces still laid out on contour, and still using hugelkultur principles within the tires, our usable garden space has more than doubled! AND, we aren’t suffering the loss of our precious soil anymore, the soil stays put! The soil in the tires is mostly rabbit manure and composted chicken manure, on top of old rotting logs and brush. In 2013 we built a big garden bed, that we call  ‘the E bed’, this year it is showing amazing fertility and soil maturity. The difference in the plants health between the new tire beds and the E bed is quite obvious. I love how each year our garden beds get better and better!


Above is a picture of tomatoes growing in our new tire beds. Not too shabby.


Here is our watermelon patch, growing very well in a big tractor tire bed we built earlier this year.


Here is a shot of a tomato plant growing in our mature E bed. These tomato plants are doing stellar!


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