2013-03-27 WE MADE IT!! Warm Welcome

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We made it to our new home!

We pulled into Hava Space, parked our trailer, and then couldn’t get out to the property soon enough! What a beautiful piece of heaven we have been blessed with! We also got to meet our neighbors across the road. They are lovely, helpful and were SO NICE! I love the people around here, everyone waves at each other and is helpful beyond the call of duty. The RV park owners even made us some homemade Turkey and Veggie Soup! YUM! The sun is warm, snow is melted and birds are singin! We are in HEAVEN!

People are so generous and kind here! Our rv park host gave us a big batch of homemade soup, I added dumplings and we enjoyed it as an early dinner. Another camper here in the park brought us super nummy sugar cookies a bit ago, and we enjoyed a very nice conversation with her too! Plus, yesterday, while at the property our neighbors offered to let us use their driveway to park our van until we make our own! I am blown away at the hospitality of the people here ♥ Feeling so blessed ♥

2013-3-26 Gothenburg, NE to MISSOURI!!!!!!!

WE MADE IT TO OUR HOME STATE!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How exhilarating it was to see this beautiful sight! We are so close! Tonight we land in St. Joseph, tomorrow we drive another 200 or so miles to our final destination to the outskirts of Versailles, MO! Thank you everyone for all your help, prayers, love and good thoughts! We are so close!


This morning, I awoke excited for the day, we are SO close! Our lil travel trailer is SO cozy, it feels more and more like home each day. The prospect of being in our semi-permanent RV Park by tomorrow is THRILLING! Hava-Space has storage units, so it will be AMAZING to put all of our stuff in one so we can enjoy the space in the trailer. We settled down in a really cute KOA in Gothenburg, we were stoked that it had a park to play in and nice warm bathrooms. My only complaint, was this morning when I went to make breakfast with the eggs we bought from the KOA store, labeled “farm fresh” were all ROTTEN! OMG! GROSS! So we settled for a breakfast consisting of nuts, seeds, seaweed and horse chow.

Nebraska is soooooo … plain! Seas of corn fields. One of the coolest things I’ve seen so far is giant swarms/flocks of Canadian Geese taking off together. Its like black rising smoke, or a vortex of birds lifting off and heading West.

Today we are hoping to land in St. Joseph Missouri, but might decide to stay the night in Nebraska City. Either way, tomorrow we will be setting foot on our Land!

2013-3-25 Laramie, WY to Gothenburg, NE

Today was a great traveling day. We made it out of Wyoming, I miss the Rockies already, but am glad to be SO much closer to HOME!!! I’m beside myself with excitement at the prospect of standing on our Land within the next 2 or 3 days. Nebraska, I notice that I was not inspired to take many pictures… the highway is strait, flat and wonderfully easy on the van and gas mileage. The land/corn fields stretch out as far as the eye can see, it’s like an ocean of dirt. Beautiful in it’s own way, the plains are very plain Smile hehehehehe! Gothenburg KOA is AWESOME! We nearly have the whole place to ourselves, there is a park for the kids to play, lots of trees and the temperature is so warm compared to anyplace we’ve been in Wyoming! lol! Starting to feel like Spring! WEEEE! Red heart


2013-3-24 Evanston, WY -to- Laramie, WY

Evanston, WY has burned itself into my memory forever as a testing ground for my faith, miracles, and remembering to enjoy every moment of this trip… but it was great to get moving again this morning. Last night I imagined today to be sunny, and the road to be dry and clear all the way to our target destination for the day, Laramie, WY. I got my wish! There were a few spots along the way where the road had some snow and ice, overall the road was perfect! The temperature outside stayed lower than 20 degrees, and dipped down as far as 10 degrees along the way, there was some windy spots, but overall the weather was beautiful, blue skies over the road once we got a few miles away from Evanston, and stayed that way. As we approached Laramie, we seemed to catch up to the big storm we were waiting out in Evanston, we could see the big snow storm system moving south east, it was dumping snow on the Rockies on the south side of the highway, while the sun shone on the road for us. Very cool Smile

We made it past the halfway point between Oregon and Missouri, that feels pretty great, we also drove over 300 miles today too! On average for the last week, we were getting about 210 miles in a day of driving. The kids did great for the drive too. Can’t wait to get back on the road tomorrow.

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Laramie was blistering cold!

2013.3.23 Entering Wyoming, Vehicle Challenge, Faith, Angelic Support and Synchronosity!

As I sit down to start writing this story, it is 12:21am on 2013.23.3, in room #112 at the Prairie Inn, Evanston WI. The Angels totally helped align things for us tonight…. miracle magnets aRe we ❤

The Universe showed us the perfect dog for us! <1234- as I tried to recall the name of the breed for this dog, on the George Noory Coast to Coast AM show guest said the word “great”, which helped spark my memory for this writing> back to what I was saying, we want a Great Pyrenees or two… they are like a Great Dane and a Labrador mix, such a fantastic breed! Rynae actually began warming up to this dog! She would run around and play near Snowy… oh, Snowy was the AMAZING beautiful dog we met tonight.  Rynae has been deathly afraid of dogs since a couple years ago, my sister, Shea’s dog, Ame <a beautiful little Blue Heeler, with some mysterious social anxiety issues at the time> attacked my then 4 year old son, Gage, bit him on the face right in front of Rynae, and ever since she has been terrified of all dogs, won’t go near, or allow any dog near her. I’ll get back to this later on.

What a day. What a week! Life on the road is SO much different than living in one spot! But I am adapting well, and finding my groove and it gets easier every day! How much we have come through, how high our spirits are this night, so many synchronicities… guided by Angelic signs, .:274:. Everywhere, reminding us to keep our vibes high, that we are being divinely by the Golden Axiom, guided and supplicated generously. So many amazing twists and turns, challenging situations, testing our faith… I’m remembering more and more to ask for their <Angels> help to let them in, talking about them more, and refusing to think negative thoughts, or let negative/fear thoughts long persist… doubt the doubts and trust, give faithful energy, believe in divine love and the power of thoughts on our fertile fabric of the Universal Force of Life… imprinting… so thankful, so thankful that positive energy is infinitely more powerful than negative energy… that light enlightens darkness and love always wins with a grateful heart. Patience is our lesson; let the Creative Force that created me, work for me.

I was just chatting with Timmy, winding down and discussing our experiences of this unfolding trip. He was bringing up how amazing it is that when he was in his early 20’s he drove from Ohio, all the way to Portland Oregon. And he had a weird mysterious breakdown just as he was coming into Wyoming going west. Because of this experience so long ago, a few months ago he bought a voltage gauge for our van to monitor the battery charge for our trip out to Missouri, in order to avoid a repeat of that experience 20 years ago. So, as we left our 3 day stay in Idaho at the “Village of Trees” RV Park around noon on the 21st, we were excitedly appreciating how Tim figured out how to empty the grey water holding tank (shush! we are newbies here! lol! WINGIN IT! WOOOOO!) so it was SO noticeable how much lighter the trailer was, especially when semis would pass us, they make SUCH a big wind wake and with any water in the trailer holding tanks the ride gets squirrelly! So, yeah, we’ll be keeping that in mind from now on. 😀

Anyway, we were feeling great about getting back on the road after spending 3 nights, that’s right THREE WHOLE LONG NIGHTS in one spot!!! Bahahaha, man it was hard to hold still so long! But we had no choice. The night of the 19th we pulled into “Village of Trees: RV Park”, that night it poured on us! Soaking our camping chairs we left outside. When we woke the next morning, we decided to take a break from the road, as we had been driving since the 17th, and this RV Park had a great little park for the kids to play in, plus big beautiful trees which I haven’t seen since leaving Oregon. The little store/restaurant by the road above the RV Park offered a menu of yummy foods that they’d make and deliver to your trailer! It was like room service! hehe! That was great! So we hung out in the trailer all day on the 20th because of the rain, then when we slept that night the winds beat against our trailer, waking and scaring us all night! The morning after (20th) the weather report gave warning to high profile vehicles that the winds from where we were in Idaho through to Utah are considered dangerous the rest of the way, we decided to wait out the wind. I’m thankful for our choice, but couldn’t wait to get back on the road.

Idaho is a lovely state, the whole place was flatish, high desert, tumble weeds and sage brush… it reminded me of Bend, Oregon, like one HUGE Bend extending on for SO long! haha! I was happy to keep moving toward our goal, Eastward on I-84. Once we hit Utah, that scenery changed big time! Big tall majestic mountains! The Rocky Mountains baby! WOO! I’ve always wanted to see the Rockies! The Rocky Mountains are literally big red roundy (12:47am) solid ROCKS! SO BEAUTIFUL! .:Wow, as I write this, I am reminded that at the “Village of Trees: RV Park” in their laundry room was a poster, talking about a place down the way called “The City of Rocks” and a picture of this impressive massive rock formation, I told Tim that I would love to see that place, but it was like 12 miles off the highway far into the sticks, and we didn’t want to take that big of a detour. So it seems the Universe gave me my wish anyway to see a “City of Rocks” but on a MUCH grander scale! Rocks are my friends, I find them to be mysterious and fascinating, so full of wonder and awe, they stir my emotions like little else, and I feel their energy with an intensity that is hard to express in words. How amazing an artist our Planet is! The Solid Rock MOUNTAINS are Titanic! Some of them even looked like 63 story high Rock shaped Ship Liners, those that look like the infamous Titanic, yes the one that sunk. Truly mystical rock formations and landscapes, I feel so blessed and humbled to behold Nature’s Mysterious Beauty along our adventure. The veils are thin among these mountains of solid rock, the energy of this place is intense. These rocks are energy amplifiers! SUPER powerful energy, it’s hard to find the words to explain the feelings of this place…

So anyway, as we climbed the Rockies into Wyoming, not expecting our gas to burn out so fast due to this climb, we pressed on. As we got higher into the mountains, we began looking for gas stations, and there was nothing for so long. We got really scared as the temperatures outside were dropping down to 15 degrees making the roads icy, and the snow was falling harder and harder, almost a white out! As we pulled off in a tiny town called Henefer, Wy we realized it was a ghost town, so we pressed on, hoping for a gas station soon. Then as the snow intensified as we got higher and higher into the Rockies, Tim noticed that the battery monitor started indicating low voltage. It normally indicates around 15 to 16 volts, and it dropped down to 12.5, and stayed somewhat stable at 13.3, but would dip down every now and then, indicating our alternator going out. This really scared us, as we had no idea how long it would take us to get to the next town with gas and resources, fearing that at any moment our van would lose power and break down or run out of gas. We turned off all our extra electrical accessories to save as much power as we could… every exit we passed was deserted.

In retrospect I am convinced that the Rocks were amplifying a pre-existing problem, as the alternator was probably the original which is about 18 years old. Before we left Oregon, we took the van into a trusted mechanic for a full inspection and got the green on all systems, but with our additions of a TV and Wii to the electrical system of the van to make the trip more fun for the kids, was just too much for the old alternator.

As we continued our climb into the snowy mountains fear ripped through my gut at the prospect of running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, or the battery failing, Marlee woke up, fussing… my first impulse was that of overwhelm and a feeling of “things keep getting worse!” I was feeling a bit hopeless… but when I looked at her, I could tell she was reacting to my energy… my fear… she needed loves and reassurance… I wanted to help her, to serve her when I was scared, to distract myself from the feelings invoked by focusing on this voltage monitor; it was like my Angels whispered in my ear that to give her comfort would bring me comfort, I just went with it as this felt so much better an option than focusing on the problem at hand.

I crawled from the front seat to the back of the van where she was buckled in, braced myself over her car seat and pulled out my boob and nursed her… she sleepily suckled and happily relaxed and slipped back to sleep… my thoughts raced as I began praying and crying, asking for my Angels to help us. Inviting them in, acknowledging all the ways they have conspired to align miracles for us up to this point, remembering the miracles and being thankful for them. Being thankful for the faith I feel in our mission! I prayed for my amazing yet overwhelmed husband, who foresaw this issue because of his previous experience, he was prepared, and now facing this same issue in the *snowy* Wyoming rocky mountains with 4 kids and a wife in tow this time. We couldn’t help but notice how this experience was so eerily familiar and similar to the experience he had in his 20’s. To us this confirms that our whole lives were preparing us for this adventure!

My prayers were instantly answered as the voltage jumped back up to 15.5! I was ELATED! So as the gas gage touched the red, we finally came to the town of Evanston, Wy and then the voltage dropped back down to 13 again. We took Exit #6, and got gas at Pilot Truck Stop/Gas Station, we hoped they would have a service station to get our system checked, but they did not. So after we filled up on gas and checked all the fluids and the battery connections, we decided to go back to Exit 5  which was a pretty well established little town, with lots of stores, including an Auto Zone, which we stopped at to get our system diagnosed, they *thankfully* did it for free! The test showed that the battery was only 41% charged <ack so low>- so since the battery was so low the test wouldn’t go any further. We hoped it was just the battery… but were pretty sure the alternator was the problem. Luckily, they have this other wonderful service they charged our battery for free! It took about 45 minutes for the charge, so we left our van there in the Auto Zone parking lot while they charged it for us and went next door to the Subway and had us some linner… dunch? We got into Evanston at about 5pm.  Subway was delish, and when done we walked back to AutoZone. Put the charged battery back in, then they ran the test again, and it showed that the Alternator was out. CRAP! We did not feel we could handle changing out the alternator under these conditions. We hoped it was the battery, because we had made some mistakes and nearly drained it a few times recently, plus the battery is over 4 years old. We were bummed that it was the alternator, because we didn’t want to have to deal with having to change out our frikken alternator with our kids in the van, with it being 15 degrees outside! This was more than we could handle, and things seemed dismal, as this was Friday night, and all the service shops were closing up for the weekend. Luckily Tim also had the foresight to buy a Good Sam’s Club membership before we left Oregon, best $160 bucks we ever spent! This membership included roadside assistance! He picked up the cell phone dialed the number and a voice came back saying this was a long distance call and only had $2.00 available for this call! CRAP! lol… So he went <1:17am> back into Auto Zone, to buy the alternator and use their phone… We were beginning to think that we were going to have to spend the whole weekend here to wait for a service shop to open! We did NOT want to be stuck here with a damaged alternator, depending totally on batteries to get us through this snow storm through the weekend. So, here we were, feeling stranded in the Rocky Mountains, during a freaking BLIZZARD! I mean hello, it’s Spring! Did no one tell this to Wyoming?! Sheesh.

Anyway, Tim figured out the toll free number to call Good Sam Club, and Auto Zone let him use their phone. A lovely Human Angel named Candace for the Good Sam Club was put to the test. Tim told her that he needed her to find him a place that could change out our alternator tonight! And She DID! AHAHHHH!!! 4 miles from AutoZone is where our Mechanical Angels were, they agreed to stay open late to help us out! We went out there, the sun setting, the mountains under a beautiful white blanket… 4 miles down the road we see the Purple Sign that said “STEVES”, we hang the left into the driveway, and have a few scares going down his driveway, SUPER icy! But I ask my Angels for sticky tires, and thank the Universe our van and trailer are so heavy, knowing that will give us maximum tread, we slowly made our way down the snow covered nearly invisible driveway to the giant shop set back from the road on a leveled hill. The view from this place was beautiful. On our way in, a big ford pickup came down toward us and we stopped and rolled down our window. We met, Steve, he gave us instructions about how to navigate the driveway and told us to pull up to the big shop door so they can pull us inside and close it, we were so happy we didn’t have to unhook the trailer to get the van inside! We thanked him profusely for allowing us to get this work done after hours. He gave a great smile and we said our goodbyes, and continued on to the shop.

We pulled up to the big shop door, and Tim went inside to talk to Steve’s mechanic, Nate. When he came out, he told me that they have a REALLY big, but friendly dog inside the shop… so we planned to either stay in the van, or get in the trailer, while they worked on the van as we knew Rynae was being faced with being around a dog. She can’t even stand being around Chihuahuas, all dogs seem to terrify to her, she won’t go near any of them! This dog was BIG! So, Nate guided us into the shop, and we heard the dog barking excitedly at the new people 🙂 she had a DEEP scary voice, and Rynae was instantly whining and squirming in her seat.

The mechanics were so kind, they told us her name was Snowy, the name suited her as her coat was snow white and soft and fluffy! Nate explained to us all that the dog was super sweet, and very gentle to kids. The boys instantly bonded with her, and enthusiastically petted, hugged and played with her having so much fun while Nate and the other mechanics worked on the van. I was instantly in love with this dog, her temperament is amazing! She liked to step on your foot to keep you still and petting her, she also liked to shake hands, stand on her back legs and hug, Nate! hehehe! CUTE! Then Nate told us her breed, and a light bulb went on for Tim, he found a thread about this breed of Great Pyrenees raved about on Permies.com for being the best family dogs, they are super loyal and would sacrifice themselves to save their people, are very intelligent thoughtful dogs, and a pack of 3 of these dogs could take down a bear! YES!! I was like, YES PLEASE, I’ll take 2! Hahahaha!  I feel that this was all just a synchronistic miracle to get us to meet, Snowy! Had we not had vehicle troubles we never would have stopped here and met Snowy the dog.

Tim and I have been researching dogs, and this breed was our first choice according to our research, but we had yet to meet one. Snowy exceeded our expectations of how perfect a dog could be for us! Rynae meeting this beautiful calm, sweet, patient, respectful dog set her on the path to healing her fear of dogs. Nate told us how he thought Rynae was so cute, and he kept talking to her, soothing her about Snowy. Rynae actually warmed up to Snowy, she actually pet her back, but wouldn’t touch or go near her face. At first, Rynae insisted that Tim or I be holding her so Snowy couldn’t get to her. Rynae’s shyness seemed to intrigue, Snowy and she would softly try to approach Rynae to sniff her, but would back off if Rynae seemed to become upset. I was blown away at how this dog exuded this protective, sweet mama energy toward Rynae. She wanted to get to know Rynae, but gave Rynae her space. I enjoyed, Snowy’s personality so much. Rynae didn’t want to be in the van, or stuck in the trailer, she wanted to watch the dog while being held. hehehe! Eventually she got comfortable enough around Snowy to run around and play in the shop with the boys. But she would quickly run away to daddy or me if Snowy got to close to her! It was adorable, and totally confirmed to us that a Great Pyrenees is the PERFECT future K9 Family member for us!

Our Mechanical Angels changed out our alternator wicked fast, less than an hour I think, it went by so fast because of the adorable interaction between patient mama dog, Snowy and cute skittish little, Rynae. Our adorable boys were having so much fun, they all kept us totally entertained the time flew. The alternator costed $100 from AutoZone, and Nate only charged us $95 bucks for the labor! We gave him a $100 bill, thanked him and the other mechanics and then Nate helped Tim back the trailer out of the shop. My Timmy is such a great learner, and Nate was a fantastic teacher. Tim quickly caught on to steering the trailer backward like an art! I’m so proud of him, and how he is mastering the art of pulling an RV.

As we drove back toward the road on this icy driveway, I prayed again for sticky tires and we slowly and safely made our way back to AutoZone to return the alternator core, for a $10 return. AutoZone closed at 9pm, and we got there at about 8:40pm! PERFECT Timing! The AutoZone guys told Tim about the many hotels and inns back up at exit 6. We had 2 options, we could choose to spend the night in our travel trailer during this snow storm in the Wal-Mart parking lot, or go look for warm and cozy hotel… we chose to go back to exit 6 to look for a hotel and found a quaint little inn called “Prairie Inn” this place had an old covered wagon out front like the original pioneers would have used! Totally suited us! We are  enjoying the warm room, all of us took baths and showers, had some snacks and watched cable till we passed out… we all slept very well last night.

This morning we woke up to fresh snow, and more coming down… we really wanted to get back on the road, but the 16 degree temps and ice swayed us to stay another day, as we had to be out of the hotel by 11am, and by 10am it will still coming down hard, and a couple inches deep. We checked the weather report and there was a warning for big snow storms all along our path in Wyoming heading east to Nebraska… we could try to press on, or wait out the storm as the sun was forecasted to come back out on Monday. After we paid for the next 24 hours in this hotel to wait this thing out, we bundled up the kids and we all played out in the fresh snow. Tim and I watched the kids play, and in my 3rd eye, I went to my warm sunny spring place, felt the sun on my face even as the snow flurried around me and kissed my skin with cold wet melty little flakes. I felt the sun and released it, and enjoyed being in the snow with the kids.

The kids really love playing in the snow and have been wishing for it all winter long. Beaverton was too warm, when it would snow it never really stuck long. The kids got their wish for snow! After a bit of fun making snow balls, snow angels and freezing in the cold windy blizzard, Tim offered the idea of going to the wonderful smelling restaurant next door called, “Judy’s” for a late breakfast, I was so thankful for this suggestion and we all happily walked over. As we waited for our food, the sun peaked out from the clouds and grew stronger. We enjoyed a delicious home style breakfast served all day as the Sun shone brightly and warmly melting all the snow! WOOO! Getting an early start, thank you weather for your cooperation! 😀

The whole sky was white grey snow clouds as far as we could see, except for a big open patch of Spring-like Sunshine right over us, a circle cut in the clouds just for us. I praised this miracle and enjoyed watching the snow disappear. The sun stayed long enough to really warm up the pavement and rocky mountains, melting most of the snow very quickly. We’ve had little flurries here and there throughout the day, but the sun keeps coming back too.  I’m just happy knowing that the Sun is on my side! WOO! Tomorrow will be a perfect traveling day! As the weather report is now saying that there is only a 40% chance of snow today, and that chance drops to 20% tomorrow, and shows the Sun with little clouds, and as the week goes on the weather continues to warm up. I’m glad we decided to wait here and let the storm keep flowing east so we give it time to blow itself out, and give the sun time to melt the snow before we get there. I feel so blessed and conspired for, and I’m thankful that the Universe is reminding us to take our time and enjoy this journey. It’s nice to get some relaxing in.

Until next time, thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m enjoying keeping an online journal of this incredible adventure we are on! Big Dreams DO come true! ❤

We Are Adaptable!

Well this trip has been both wonderful and incredibly challenging. Things NEVER go according to plan, but they always work out, most of the time better than expected.

Our first night on the road we stayed at the Comfort Hotel in Hermiston OR. We got a very late start, and so didn’t feel like moving our stuff around in the dark to make our travel trailer ready to sleep in. So we decided to make the first night easy on ourselves and enjoy a nice hotel, and the next morning we would get an early start and make it a short day so we’d have plenty of time to re-organize the trailer in an RV Park.  When we got up the morning of the 18th, we realized we left our inverter in the van running, and the battery was nearly too weak to start the van. I said a prayer to my Angels and they gave us just enough juice to fire up the van. Lesson learned, buddy!

co.creators in love

The second night we stayed in Country Corners RV Park 30 miles West of Boise, Idaho.

cute lil happy camper cozy campers

The third, fourth and fifth night we have been in Declo, Idaho at Village of Trees RV Park.

tomorrow we will be back on the road after a nice long rest =)