Rocky Hollow Garden’s Comfrey Compost Tea

Last spring we ordered about 60 live comfrey roots from a guy on ebay. We planted one by each orchard tree and in various other places in the garden beds. We’ve been reading about the many benefits of comfrey for years now and its been a joy getting to know this amazing plant. To name a few reasons that I love comfrey, the livestock relishes the sweet furry cucumber flavored leaves, it grows wicked fast, is wonderfully “invasive” and prolifically reproductive. You can take a small cutting from the root and plant it somewhere else and it will thrive in almost any soil. You can also take a stem cutting and root it in water or just put it in dirt and it will re-root and start a whole new plant that way. Comfrey is nearly impossible to kill. Comfrey is rich in minerals, and is a health tonic for us, our chickens, rabbits and goats. Plus the leaves make a fabulous fertilizing mulch, it’s a powerful compost starter, and brewing up the stinky tea makes an amazing liquid fertilizer for our gardens. The liquid fertilizer is known to repel pests and boost growth and health of the plant dramatically. So we are experimenting with the liquid fertilizer now for the first time. We started our first bucket of liquid compost comfrey tea on 5/12/15. To brew it we filled a 5 gallon bucket with freshly cut comfrey, then pushed it down to the bottom and secured it down with a heavy rock. Then we filled the bucket to the top with water. Put the lid on and let it sit for 3 to 5 weeks. We just filtered out our first batch (by we I mean Timmy, lol) that sat for a couple days shy of 3 weeks. Boy is the finished product dark, concentrated goodness… that REALLY STINKS! LOL! Smells like wet concentrated cow pies. Tim watered the trees using 1 part comfrey tea to 3 parts water today, so we are looking forward to seeing the difference in growth over the next few weeks. Within the next couple days we plan to aquire a sprayer so we can spray the comfrey tea directly onto the plants for protection from pests. Comfrey is integrally organic, 100% safe to use. So we’ll update the blog with more results as we go. Here are some pictures.


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