Herbs for Sciatica pain



IMG_6044 (800x600)




Late April I tweaked my back really bad while loading wood chips into our trailer with a pitchfork. We think I actually hurt it the day before while trying to start our generator, and then forking the chips into the trailer just put it over the edge into full out tweaked. I haven’t been the same since. My sciatica has been inflamed and hurting so badly ever since. Which has made walking, bending over, squatting down, sitting, standing or even laying down unbearably painful, it drives me crazy. Catnip, peppermint, lemon balm and comfrey are my saving grace. I make a strong tea out of them, and drink a cup of it every few hours just so I can move more normally. It doesn’t make me pain free but is sure helps to soothe the nerves so I can do what I need to do with less pain. Thinking of maybe doing acupucture, or maybe get a massage 🙂 lol


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