The Many Uses of Comfrey

So comfrey has many uses, great for our bodies and great for the garden. Today we did up a bunch of comfrey using since it was time to cut it back. So some of the leaves I made a salve, for pain relief, reduce bruising, stop the itch of insect bites and comfort arthritic joints. My process below.

Finally, I made some! This batch is double strength. I took a little ceramic pot and put it on the burner, on low, put in some olive oil, and like 8 comfrey leaves, chopped. The oil began to boil and fried the leaves, which turned the oil more green. Then I strained the leaves out, took 10 more leaves, chopped and reboiled the oil till the leaves are wilted and crisp. Strained it out again, then added a chunk of beeswax and a chunk of shea butter and melted them in with the comfrey infused olive oil. Then I poured it all into a jar, labeled and capped it and let it cool. TA DA!

We took the rest of the leaves and started some good ‘ol organic fertilizer/compost starter, made of, you guessed it. Comfrey. We took the leaves and stems and chopped them up loosely, packed a 5-gallon bucket to the top with the leaves, then put a heavy rock on top of the leaves to hold them submerged, filled the bucket with water, then put the lid on and will let it sit for 3 weeks. When it’s done brewing we’ll have a mineral/nitrogen rich, compost tea that makes plants healthy, & repellent to bugs and disease. I read that once the brewing process is done, it will stink when we lift the lid…. looking forward to that I tell ya, lol. So then you dilute the brew, 1 part comfrey tea to 3 parts water. Spray garden plants liberally.

Next spring we will be able to start harvesting roots and starting new comfrey plants 🙂 Can’t have enough of this stuff growing.



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