Enjoying the Spring Weather… for now…

Well we got up to 89F today! Can you believe it?! Super humid, but hey the plants sure like it. All of our little fruit trees are coming to life, the hillside is lush and green with dandelions, plantains, clover, vetch, comfrey, yarrow, and grasses, providing me with lots of yummy fodder to forage for the critters, not to mention the wild rose patch at the top of our ridge coming alive with foliage. The goats and rabbits love all the fresh greens available once again. Over the past few days we have been planting our seedling trays taking advantage of our micro-greenhouse and our cold frames, we are looking forward to getting past the frost safe date so we can see how our garden beds do this year. I love spring, I really do, it is exciting… and a little terrifying… because spring means tornado season… dammit. We have storms moving in tonight, through Wednesday, and are not looking forward to them. Praying all goes well, thankful for the moisture, but the rest of it I could do without. I can hear the rumbling thunder approaching… eep.

IMG_5797 (800x600) IMG_5798 (800x600)

Our New Zealand White does are all kindling. Violet had 10 kits, Allii had 11, Lily had 10, Calla kindled but I didn’t get a chance to count hers yet, and it looks like Willow, Quin and Star are about to kindle too. We are so blessed with awesome rabbit mamas! Our Californian Doe, Sassy did also kindle, she had 14 kits which all died, as she had them all a couple days early, and aborted for some reason. Poor girl.

Also the Muscovies are building up a clutch of eggs, super excited to see baby ducks running around here 🙂

 IMG_5812 (600x800) IMG_5815 (800x600)

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