Thoughts & Confirmation on Fermented Chicken Feed: Eggs don’t lie

We’ve been experiencing single digit weather for the past few weeks now, which has made feeding wet fermented feed very challenging as it seems to flash freeze as we put it out for the poultry. So for the last week or so we have stopped fermenting it, and just kept the feeders full of their non-gmo dry feed. Now I am noticing a drastic difference in egg quality, the yolks have lost their luster they are no longer the vivid orange I’ve grown accustomed to. So, in light of this confirming result, I am back at fermenting their feed. I’ll just make sure and put it in a tub so I can bring it inside to thaw if need be. I prefer to throw it on the ground to encourage scratching and pecking, but don’t like how it freezes to the ground and becomes hard for the birds to eat it. I am totally convinced that fermenting it improves the poultry’s ability to digest and absorb more nutrition from the same feed. For 37 chickens I take a bucket, put in 11 cups of dry non-gmo feed, plus 8 cups of non-gmo scratch, then I pour in fresh water, mixing it in making sure it all gets wet, then I put in an extra bit of water till the water is about 1 inch above the top of the feed. Then I pour in a few tablespoons of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and mix that in. Then I let this sit out on our counter overnight. In the morning I bring it down and feed the chickens with it, then refill it right after, letting it ferment for 24 hours, this practice more than triples the weight of the feed and breaks down the anti-nutrients naturally present in the feed making it easier to digest, they get more nutrients out of it, and consume less feed.


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