Off-Grid Solar Livin’

I just went through my posts and realized I haven’t posted about our solar system?! Whu-wha?!

We have been off-grid for over a year now, and our system has been grown with our energy needs since we have been here. So far we have about 3k invested in our solar system. To run our home equipped with lights, chest fridge and chest freezer, a Wii for the kids and our laptops as well as a few other gadgets we have 4x 6v Trojan batteries (they are made for golf-carts, and are very tough) and 7 solar panels up on our roof, that are hooked up to our solar charge controller then to the batteries. We also run an inverter from the batteries to the a/c outlets so we can plug our gadgets in. We are very careful about our power usage, as our system’s main priority is to keep the fridge and freezer cold. So far this system is doing great, we have a back-up generator to run when we have a string of overcast days, but overall solar is the way to go here. We love not having to pay a power bill, and keeping our food cold with the power of sunshine is such a blessing.


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