New Bunnies & Building the Free Range Chicken Pen

Here we have the 14 new additions to our herd of rabbits. Our beloved Penelope (British Spot/French Angora) & Violet (New Zealand White) gave birth to 7 healthy kits each earlier this month.

IMG_4843 (800x600) IMG_4844 (800x600)


Below you’ll see our newly built chicken pen. The flock was doing SO much damage in our gardens, we just can’t let them run wherever they want, as they tear up everything! So our friend up the road sold us his old fencing he was using for a cow he had. We gave them over 600 more cubic feet of space to forage, scratch and peck.


Here are some pictures of the damage the chickens wreaked in our gardens…. Tim just recently harvested a bunch of rabbit and chicken manure and built up the beds in the orchard and around the hugelkultur grey water beds… so aggravating how the chickens ruined all of it in just a couple of days!


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