Rocket Stove Mass Heater: Fire Food Pile

We are getting prepared for the winter, Tim is amazing at how much wood he can chop in one day. See the tire in the second picture, he loads that up with rounds and chops away with is axe and the logs stay put. Much easier than the old put a chunk of wood on top of another chunk of wood, and have to keep putting back with each chop.

*UPDATE* 2014-10-22

Tim finished chopping wood and we have us quite a pile! We even went and salvaged a bunch of trim boards in a friend’s burn pile to break up into kindling. We think we have over a cord of wood here ready for winter. The pile is the right dimensions to qualify as a cord, but I think we have more than a cord here, as Tim cut the wood MUCH smaller than most cords are cut in order to fit into the RMH feed tube, so there is much less airspace in our pile. Praying this will last through the winter. As going out and cutting wood with snow on the ground SAWKS! lol



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