Making water crocks for the rabbitry

So we spent close to $50 buying up those bunny water bottles from walmart (so far we got 13 of them at $3.69 a pop) in preparation for winter. Our plan has been that we will buy two for each hole, so we have one bottle thawing in the warm house while they have one to drink till it freezes up, and we change it out twice a day, morning and night. We have been reorganizing the rabbitry and decided to start using some of the water bottles now. Good thing too, because MOST of them don’t frikken work! Some leak like mad, and worse some of them are nearly impossible for the rabbit to get a drink from! UGH! So now we want to turn to crocks, as we don’t trust these bottles. Crocks are little heavy ceramic dishes that the buns can’t tip over and something we can easily tip the ice out of when it freezes in winter. Well, those are expensive, and we spent way too much on the stupid water bottles already. Tim and I have been in brainstorm mode to try and figure a way through this predicament. Well I think we’ve found it. This is much cheaper than buying individual crocks for 20 holes, as each crock is close to $5 a piece new. We were at… yes you guessed it, walmart and found these little metal dishes for cats for just under a buck a piece. The rabbits would definitely tip these with ease, but with a base made of concrete mortar! HA-HA!


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