Updated: Rocky Hallow Rabbitry: The Humble Beginning

Today we put together our first cage for our rabbitry. We plan to breed and raise rabbits for food, and as compost/soil creators. We plan to build one more cage identical to this one for the does, and then two more a bit smaller for the bucks. I love our family projects!

*Update* 2014-04-02

Here is our progress on the rabbitry so far. We only have to make 2 more cages, and then make the watering system and install it.

The next 4 images are of 2014-03-22’s progress:

The next 7 images were taken of our progress on 2014-03-30, we got the beams up, siding and part of the roof done.

Here are more images taken 2014-03-31. We finished the roof on the rabbitry, and hung some of the cages.

And as of 2014-04-08 this is our progress, we have to install the “poop diverter”, and then the watering system, then get us some rabbits!


And as of today 2014-04-16 we have finished installing the watering system, and are ready now for rabbits. In fact Tim is one the phone with the gentleman we will be buying our rabbits from. Probably next Wednesday! SO EXCITED!

2014-04-17: The Rabbits are here! We spent most of the day at the awesome home of Hilltop Acres, and got to tour the grounds and see all their critters. Beautiful place, and such nice people! We came home with 3 does we named, Stellaria, Tara and, Violet. And our ginormous kind buck named Tago.  We named our rabbits after our favorite herbs that rabbits also like to eat. As I said, the buck’s name is Tago, after one of our families favorite wild herbs Plantain(Plantago spp.). Plantain is easy to find along roadsides, well trodden paths and in lawns. It’s great to use as a poultice for bug bites and stings, and is very nutritious, our rabbit, Brownie always eats Plantain leaves first when we forage for her. One of the does will be named Stellaria, for another family favorite herb Chickweed(Stellaria media). Chickweed grows to be long, juicy and succulent when growing near the base of rotting wood, it has beautiful tiny white flowers. It is delicious in salads or right off the plant. Its great for a poultice for scrapes and cuts, and is also very nutritious. Another doe will be named Violet(Viola odorata), violets grow in shady places, and the more of the delicious flowers you pick the more the plant will produce. They taste sweet and salty, and have a gentle green bean flavor. Violets are very nutritious and are great made into teas and infusions, they are a natural anti-inflammatory and makes a great immunity aid with many other benefits. Our last doe will be named Tara for my favorite Dandelion(Taraxacum officinale). The healing properties of Dandelion are legendary! Very nutritious, the whole plant is edible and medicinal. The flowers can be made into a tea, or vinegar, or even cookies! While the greens are very good as salad greens, or dried for later use in soups. The roots are highly potent healers and are known to be a great coffee replacer. The stems when broken emit a white bubbly ooze that is a healing substance when applied topically to scraps, cuts, warts, moles or bites. Well, with out any further adue here they are! Our Breeding stock!

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