6th Month Off-Grid

2013-10-29 Comparison of Driveway

These comparison shots shows the same area when we first got here, and then again just a few days ago. In the picture on the left, where the van is parked up by the road is where our U-shaped driveway begins in the picture on the right. Changed a lot huh 🙂 Below is the same area from a slightly different angle, a bit closer to the road.

2013-10-29 Comparison of Driveway2

2013-10-01 Comparison from BeehiveThis view is from behind where the beehive now sits.


When I think about how this property looked when we first landed here, I am amazed, proud and astonished at how far we have come in such a short time. Yet, when I think about all the rest of what we need/want to get done before we can get to actual farming, I realize how far we still have yet to go. (Deep Breath) The Gracious Universe has brought us this far, and I know that one step at a time we will experience continual success!

It has been several months since I’ve posted on this blog, as we have found it is easier to use facebook to keep family and friends updated.


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