Rainy Day Fun – Cardinal – Homemade Donuts

What a fantastic day of indoor fun, that turned into a trip to the grocery store with the kids and back home to make pastry treats for us all! I felt like eating donuts, and expressed this wish to Tim, who agreed it was a fantastic idea. Off to the store the kids and I went, and left Tim at the trailer to rest in sweet silence… We drove the 4 or so miles to Laurie to the grocery store to get a few ingredients we needed for my donuts recipe. I found it online at: http://amandascookin.com/2011/05/homemade-doughnuts.html ~ I used her recipe as a guide, substituted a few things and they turned out DELISH! Everyone loved them πŸ™‚ That was fun! Ahahaha! These happy moments make all the other cooking ooopsies all worth it! hahahaha! But then again, how could someone screw up sweet deepfried cake dipped in sugar… bahahahaha!

Homemade Doughnuts
adapted from AllRecipes
printable version

4 1/2 teaspoons Instant yeast (or 2 envelopes active dry yeast)
1/4 cup warm water (105 to 115 degrees)
1 1/2 cups lukewarm water kefir
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1/3 cup coconut oil
5 1/2 cups flour
1 pint Canola oil for frying

That’s right, I deep fried something… lol!

Sprinkle the yeast over the warm water and gently stir to get all the yeast wet add in a pinch or so of sugar, stir well. Let stand for 5 minutes, or until foamy.

In a large mixer bowl mix together the yeast mixture, water kefir, sugar, salt, eggs, warmed coconut oil, and 2 cups of the flour. Mix for a few minutes with a wooden spoon. Beat in remaining flour 1/2 cup at a time, until the dough no longer sticks to the bowl.

On a lightly floured surface, knead for about 5 minutes, or until smooth and elastic. Place the dough into a greased bowl and cover with a clean towel or cloth. Set in a warm place to rise until doubled, about 45 minutes or so.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and gently roll out to 1/2 inch thickness. Cut with a floured doughnut cutter and place on large cookie sheets. Cover doughnuts with a cloth or towel and let rise until doubled, about 45 minutes.

Add enough oil or shortening to a cast iron Dutch oven* to measure a depth of about 3 inches. Attach a candy thermometer to the side of the pan and heat over medium heat until the oil reaches 350Β° F, then WAIT. Wait several minutes and make sure it’s going to stay at 350 F. If it goes up, turn the heat down. Get it to where the temp will stay around 350 F, THEN proceed with cooking your doughnuts. Cooking at too high of a temperature will overcook the exterior and undercook the interior.

Have ready a plate lined with a cloth or paper towels.

Carefully slide doughnuts into the hot oil using a wide spatula, do not crowd. 3 doughnuts should fit comfortably in a standard Dutch oven. Turn doughnuts over as they rise to the surface. Fry doughnuts on each side until golden brown, a few minutes or so per side. Remove from hot oil, to drain on cloth/paper towels/wire rack.

Dip doughnuts into the glaze while still hot, and set onto wire racks to drain off excess. Keep a cookie sheet or tray under racks for easier clean up. Dip the finished doughnuts as the next batch is frying. Place the dipped doughnuts on a waiting cookie sheet.

* Cast iron retains its heat better and more evenly than other vessels, which is why it’s my pan of choice for frying. You can certainly use a deep fryer, I just hate all the major clean up with those, so I stick with the Dutch oven.

Then while I’m making the dough for the donuts, this adorable little bright red bird lands on our picnic table out our dining table window to munch on the apple chunks the kids left on the table next to spiderman πŸ™‚ My Timmy took this picture of the beautiful bright red birdy for me, since I was covered in sweet donuts fixins slime!

I love getting to see such beautiful, wildlife, so diverse and colorful. One of our RV park neighbors, who calls herself, Cookie, and brings us treats every so often, has this little bird feeder attached to the tree outside her window. As I walk passed in the mornings to head to the bathrooms, I see these super tiny bright yellow birds feeding at her porch πŸ™‚ Then the turtle that walked by our living room window the other morning! I just love it here! Thank you Ozarks for your diverse wildlife… could do with out the ticks though… lol


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