Great Blessings in Small Packages


I love this space!

I love this space!

As I sit here and appreciate my many blessings, and see my adorable little tidy kitchen, I am reminded of pioneers of the ol’ west who crossed the Oregon Trail going west to freedom and a new start. We are reading the Laura Ingalls-Wilder Series and have gleaned lovely visuals of what daily life must have been like for these pioneering families, for the mother and father to take care of their brood and carve a life out of the wild. As I feel we are modern day pioneers, going back to our roots and rediscovering a simpler more fulfilling, sustainable, responsible, independent life for ourselves, to show our children how to live with the land… I think of how hard life must have been for those mothers, the tools they must have had out on the plains or in the mountains…. My kitchen is tiny, but amazingly convenient, with a stove, oven, sinks and counter space…. Comparing that to living out of the back of a wagon, I feel pretty darn blessed. I love my tiny home, I love keeping it cozy and clean, I love nourishing my family with such wonderful modern day conveniences.

So Blessed ❤


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