Another Satisfying Day on the Farm

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Tim and I are a FANTASTIC team! We got a dump truck load of 2″ creek rock dropped at the two entryways of where we want our U-shaped driveway and are about half way done spreading it out to cover it in this base layer. We made the mountain of gravel into a driveway!! Well half of a driveway, but it felt so gratifying driving our van off the property on our hand graveled driveway. One can take a great deal of pride in a hard day’s work, and  Our friend, Bruce from across the street used his 4×4 to drive over our newly spread rock to tamp it down and help it settle, thank you, Bruce! He also busted out the chainsaw and cut down some of the tree stumps in our clearing too! We are so blessed! The kids are really warming up to our new friends too, funny how fast Bruce and Amanda are already feeling like family. Marlee even let Amanda hold her! And Rynae seems to have really taken a shine to, Bruce. She was following him all over the place, and he even carved a heart into one of the stumps for her 🙂

IMG_1089 (800x600)

On another awesome note, we scored 3 big boxes of red potatoes from Home Town Market here in Gravois Mills for free! We plan to use most of them as seed potatoes, some for compost and eat the good ones 🙂 Home Town Market has a bunch more red potatoes


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