Mail Box is UP! WOO HOOO!

Such a wonderful day! Each day we are at the property, I fall more deeply in love with the Land, with my family, with my life and with this community we have moved into! This small town living is incredible, people are coming out of unexpected places offering help and assistance, I feel like we are surrounded by Human Angels! I am so thankful for all the people we are attracting into our life here! Kindness, Generosity and Hospitality ABOUNDS here!

We lived in that house in Beaverton for over 2 years and 1 neighbor introduced themselves to us (she was really nice, so were her kids and other family, our kids played with her grandson very cute family), in Oregon most people never even looked at us, let alone wave or hell forbid they smile! ahahaha! Here “strangers” treat us like family, and everyone smiles and waves at each other! I love this place on so many levels! Beautiful environment that endlessly inspires me, and nice people who all look out for one another, just because we exist in the same place… pretty amazing contrast, it feels like culture shock! Speaking of culture shock, they sell hard liquor here in convenience stores and WALMART! AHAHAHAHAHA~ I was like WHOA~! Tim just said, “hey maybe that is why everyone is so friendly and waving!” BAHAHAHA! I love my funny hubby. Drunk n happy town! Just kidding, I haven’t met any one drunk here… lol. There are a lot of churches out in town, and salons, haha. Our RV Park host, Suzanne is so nice, she brought us more treats today, and had her brother who volunteers at the Ivy Bend Food Bank come by and donate a bunch of diapers and wipes for Marlee, enough to get us through for quite a while! I cried and thanked them profusely, lol. Then today we get a bunch more help from our neighbors across the street, Bruce and Amanda. They are great company, and so willing to help and share their knowledge.

Also we are making GREAT progress on clearing out our driveway and parking spot for the camper, Timmy is doing awesome at safely falling trees with our lumber jack neighbor, it’s a pretty intense experience hearing that scream of the tree as she falls and watching it fall crashing to the ground… kinda sad, yet watching the canopy above us open up brings exhilarating joy to my heART and I know Mama Earth forgives us, as we want plenty (but not too much) sun to shine on our soil and give the little plants a chance to thrive in this soil. The trees are SO THICK that not a beam of sun can reach the ground in the summer, under that broccoli like canopy. Isn’t it awesome we happened to buy a raw piece of land across the street from an expert in tree falling, as he’s had a lifetime of experience to share with us as we WING IT and absorb this experience! Tim is doing great with the chainsaw, he fell a whole mess of smaller brush and trees 6-8 inches in diameter, and some bigger trees more like a foot or more in diameter today with our neighbor’s guidance. We also got our mail box put up, it feels wonderful to be able to receive mail at our own place 🙂 Ahhh, milestones…. we cherish them. =-)

Timmy and I were just saying how funny it is that such a small thing like putting up our mailbox can be so exciting, oh the joy of simple things… simple, HA! It was A LOT of work to dig that hole for the post, take down the tree in the first place, and buck it up into that pole we now have planted at the top of our driveway. I love starting from scratch, this Land is like our blank canvas awaiting our respectful inspired strokes of genius/spirit. Our paint is the soil, rocks, trees and water and whatever else the Universe delivers to us… I feel the inspiration swirling around in my energy, Mama Earth, speaks to my heART, She tells me that She looks forward to being a Mother of such a diverse garden/food forest that we have envisioned… this transition, though I’m sure painful for her as we cut and clear, is a change She wants and welcomes with a strong influence on how we will compassionately and consciously change the face of her, enhancing natural systems to enhance productivity yet going with the flow of the Land to maximize harmony and immunity in diversity and making ourselves and the changes we make beneficial to the Earth… we are being as gentle as we can, and we will use all the resources that Mama Earth abundantly offers us with appreciation and use them wisely and well.

SUCH a fun filled day, we are wiped out! Goonight, world! lol!


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