2013-03-27 WE MADE IT!! Warm Welcome

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We made it to our new home!

We pulled into Hava Space, parked our trailer, and then couldn’t get out to the property soon enough! What a beautiful piece of heaven we have been blessed with! We also got to meet our neighbors across the road. They are lovely, helpful and were SO NICE! I love the people around here, everyone waves at each other and is helpful beyond the call of duty. The RV park owners even made us some homemade Turkey and Veggie Soup! YUM! The sun is warm, snow is melted and birds are singin! We are in HEAVEN!

People are so generous and kind here! Our rv park host gave us a big batch of homemade soup, I added dumplings and we enjoyed it as an early dinner. Another camper here in the park brought us super nummy sugar cookies a bit ago, and we enjoyed a very nice conversation with her too! Plus, yesterday, while at the property our neighbors offered to let us use their driveway to park our van until we make our own! I am blown away at the hospitality of the people here ♥ Feeling so blessed ♥

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