2013-3-24 Evanston, WY -to- Laramie, WY

Evanston, WY has burned itself into my memory forever as a testing ground for my faith, miracles, and remembering to enjoy every moment of this trip… but it was great to get moving again this morning. Last night I imagined today to be sunny, and the road to be dry and clear all the way to our target destination for the day, Laramie, WY. I got my wish! There were a few spots along the way where the road had some snow and ice, overall the road was perfect! The temperature outside stayed lower than 20 degrees, and dipped down as far as 10 degrees along the way, there was some windy spots, but overall the weather was beautiful, blue skies over the road once we got a few miles away from Evanston, and stayed that way. As we approached Laramie, we seemed to catch up to the big storm we were waiting out in Evanston, we could see the big snow storm system moving south east, it was dumping snow on the Rockies on the south side of the highway, while the sun shone on the road for us. Very cool Smile

We made it past the halfway point between Oregon and Missouri, that feels pretty great, we also drove over 300 miles today too! On average for the last week, we were getting about 210 miles in a day of driving. The kids did great for the drive too. Can’t wait to get back on the road tomorrow.

IMG_0456 IMG_0454IMG_0472IMG_0478IMG_0479IMG_0480IMG_0494IMG_0507IMG_0508IMG_0509IMG_0510IMG_0511IMG_0523IMG_0524IMG_0525IMG_0536IMG_0538IMG_0539IMG_0540IMG_0541IMG_0542IMG_0548

Laramie was blistering cold!

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