We Are Adaptable!

Well this trip has been both wonderful and incredibly challenging. Things NEVER go according to plan, but they always work out, most of the time better than expected.

Our first night on the road we stayed at the Comfort Hotel in Hermiston OR. We got a very late start, and so didn’t feel like moving our stuff around in the dark to make our travel trailer ready to sleep in. So we decided to make the first night easy on ourselves and enjoy a nice hotel, and the next morning we would get an early start and make it a short day so we’d have plenty of time to re-organize the trailer in an RV Park.  When we got up the morning of the 18th, we realized we left our inverter in the van running, and the battery was nearly too weak to start the van. I said a prayer to my Angels and they gave us just enough juice to fire up the van. Lesson learned, buddy!

co.creators in love

The second night we stayed in Country Corners RV Park 30 miles West of Boise, Idaho.

cute lil happy camper cozy campers

The third, fourth and fifth night we have been in Declo, Idaho at Village of Trees RV Park.

tomorrow we will be back on the road after a nice long rest =)


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