Delish Slow Cooked Black Beans with Cayenne & Lime


:Black Beans:
read all directions through before starting to make the recipe.
2 cups dry black beans
(pre-soaked 12 hours, rinse, and soak the beans for another 12 hours)
Upon the second soak mix in fresh squeezed lime juice of a whole lime, add a few generous shakes of Chili Powder (approx 2 tsp), a few light shakes of Cayenne Pepper powder (approx 1/4 tsp), a couple light shakes of Black Pepper (approx 1/4 tsp), mix into bean water and let sit for the 2nd 12 hours. I normally start mine in the morning, then, that night before I go to bed I rinse the beans and refill the bowl with fresh water and then adding the peppers and lime juice for the second soak to let those flavors seep into the beans.

The next morning, after breakfast prepare:
1 onion, chopped fine
1 garlic bulb, smashed and minced
Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil & 1 tbs butter
So as your beans are ready the second morning, I like to get my slow cooking well before noon. Preheat your oven to about 300 F, a nice low heat to slowly warm up the cast iron. All good things are worth the time and effort.

So I take my dutch oven, I use my 5 quart cast iron lodge, pour in the oils and butter, throw the chopped onions and prepared garlic, put the lid on and let it sit a while in the oven.

*When you smell the onions and garlic sauteing and fuming strongly, go ahead and grab your oven mitts and take the dutch oven out and set it on a safe surface and open’er up. Add in the pre-soaked/spiced beans. Allow to slow cook in oven for about an hour, and add in a few/handful of Tomatillos, stir in and put it back in the oven. Come back and stir occasionally. It takes a while for them to get tender. If I get mine in before noon, by around 2 to 3 the beans are ready and tender. Then you can set the pot of beans out to cool, and fine tune the flavor to your liking. Then I just put the lid back on, put the oven down to warm and let it sit in there till dinnertime, they continue to thicken as they set. Then I turn them into black bean tacos or black beans and rice. Delish! I love cooking by intuit. 🙂



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