Homemade Tumeric Raw Honey Salve

Tumeric Honey Salve

A few weeks back I made a beautiful batch of healing salves, that work better than anything store bought I’ve ever used, and I know it’s safe because I know what I put in it.

I didn’t measure out each of the ingredients. I just melted down a big chunk of Shea Butter and intuitively added the other ingredients to create the desired consistency.

Also I didn’t add the honey to the heated oils to maintain the living enzymes and qualities of the Raw Honey. I just add a glob of honey to the finished salve, mix it in and it usually gets used within a few weeks. The honey changes the consistency and makes the oil salve a bit stickier, but the healing effects is unmatched! Way worth the “inconvenience” of the stickiness.

Materials needed:

  • Double boiler
  • dishes or tins to pour the finished oil mixture


  • Olive Oil
  • FairTrade Raw Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • RoseHip Infused GrapeSeed Oil
  • Tumeric Powder
  • Raw Honey

First I melted down the Shea Butter in the double boiler, then added the rest of the ingredients except the honey. Stirred it all together and poured them in the tins. Waited for the oils to cool and set, and then with one of them put in about a teaspoon of raw honey and mixed. Raw honey is a powerful topical healer, with natural anti-fungal and anti-viral properties as well as so many more health and healing benefits. Those bees are incredible!


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