Harvest Joy- Live Cultured Green Beans

Pickling Time!

I have been chomping at the bit for enough green beans to come ready so I could pickle some. Last year, I was able to pickle a HUGE batch, but we finished it off within a month! I am so excited to have these treats available again 🙂 ❤

Fermenting time! One of my family favorites, live cultured green beans :)

notice the cloudyness of the water, mmmm, means it's workin!

3 days of fermenting, notice the cloudiness of the water…. mmmmm that is a sign that the Lacto-bactilli are doin their thang … YUM!


Garden Fresh Green Beans and Nasturtium Seed Pods :)

I’m thinking that the Nasturtium Seed Pods will gift this batch of pickled green beans with a delish peppery flavor 🙂 We shall see 🙂



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