Fermented Arugula Seed Pods “Capers”

YUM! They are crazy flavorful, flavor that punches you in the face.


My Arugula is covered in seed pods so I thought I’d try a recipe from “Wild Fermentation” by Sandor Katz, called “Capers”, the process is:

1 quart jar

enough water to be an inch or so over the seed pods

1/4 ish teaspoon of sea salt


I cut the tips off each of the seed pods and put them in my brine. pushed down with an old plastic lid and a rock on top. I improvise 🙂 lol!

I put this together yesterday, and today they are already getting that yummy soured flavor. I’ll give them a couple more days before I stick them in the fridge.


I can’t wait till I have enough green beans to pickle them! lol, c’mon green beans! ♥

fermenting... mmmm

The more developed seed pods are really woody, they are tasty to chew on, but so fibrous that I have to spit them out. The younger seed pods are really tender and yummy. The Arugula flavor is a tasty punch in the face! hahaha


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