I ♥ Beaverton Farmers Market!

What a wonderful Saturday adventure! After a yummy french toast breakfast, Timmy and I took the kids for a walk to the beautiful Beaverton Farmers Market, as we are blessed to have it right down the road from our house. We got some baby plants to add beauty and benefits to our already amazing garden. We got ourselves some catnip which I planted with the squash/melon bed. After giving a little leaf to our kitty, which she rewarded me for by licking it off my fingers 🙂 Cute kitty! We also bought some Stevia, that I planted in our Strawberry Mint bed. We also got two beautiful Basil plants that I planted in with the Tomatoes. We got, dark opal basil and African blue basil. We remembered to get a cherry/grape tomato plant that I put in on of the bales with our pepper plants in the greenhouse. We also got chamomile that I planted in with the cucumbers. And I already planted our new lavender, & rosemary babies under our plum and pear trees. I’m so excited to see how our yard does this year, especially since this is our first year going totally no-till. We also got the famous Humdinger Flavored PopCorn that has become tradition for us whenever we go to the Market. Heck a few times last year that is all we went there for, lol! The Farmers Market was PACKED with people as usual on Saturdays. But the energy there was refreshing and fun as usual. So thankful for Farmers Markets!


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