My New Stoneware Dutch Oven, a Sign of things to come!

My newest manifestation! SoOoOo Thankful! My Stoneware Dutch Oven, yesterday I finished making my first ever batch of sweet baked beans! YUM! It took 2 days to prepare and make- pre-soaking the beans and then slow cooking them. I LOVE SLOW! hehehehe

I have been desiring more traditional healthy ways of preparing my family’s food- while ridding my home of teflon coated, aluminum and other toxic pots and pans, creating a vacuum for my desires to find me at warp speed! I’m replacing the toxic cooking implements with Cast Iron and Stoneware- learning to cook using these more traditional means is like HEAVEN! I love learning to use these amazing implements, as they require me to slow down, and put lots more thought, intention and love into the meals I prepare for my family 🙂 Its so fun learning to cook like my Ancestresses used to, and enjoying the quality of health they also enjoyed, before all the “convenience” foods took over 🙂 Cheers to rediscovering ancient wisdom in this amazing modern time!

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