I choose to believe that Heaven Surrounds Me

I Live as if heaven surrounds Me – cuz it does!

How can I bring myself into vibrational alignment with the desires that my experience has produced?

Pay attention to the way I feel, and deliberately choose thoughts –about everything– that feel good to me when I think them.

I am so happy and thankful Now that:

  1. my kitchen, pantry and food storage are fully stocked with nutrient dense, vibrationally healthy foods that nourish our bodies/minds and souls and all of the miraculous functions that work in harmony, to make life sweet.
  2. myself, my husband and kids are healthy, wealthy, happy and free.
  3. our planet and all of her children are living and thriving in harmony, respect and sustenance for all.
  4. I am living my dreams, as a beneficial organism in harmony with nature, appreciating and enjoying the endless abundance of the Earth.
  5. I am learning about and practicing the magical effects of cultivating and consuming probiotic foods.
  6. new sustainable, free energy devices are being created in abundance freeing all people from the obsolete system that desires to enslave others.

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