Cells are Living Beings

“Every cell in your body is a living being that depends on you.  You are responsible for all of those beings.   For all those living beings that are your cells, you are God. You can provide what they need; you can love all those living beings, or you can be so mean to them. ” ~don Miguel Ruiz

This statement profoundly stirs emotion within my Being, gratitude pulses from my heart to these amazing little Beings that make up the physical vessel that ^i^ dwell in, and am experiencing this beautiful life through. I believe that I am an Organism made of countless smaller Organisms. Microbes my Kinfolk, they take care of countless miracles that make my life sweeter. Over the past 2 years I have been becoming more and more aware of the Microbial World, and learning how to cultivate a powerful symbiotic relationship with them within my body and my environment, where we care for each other. Health, Wealth, Happy & Free ❤ Thank you so much Microbes, I love you with all of my Beingness!

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