“The Humanure Handbook” Book Recommendation/Review

“Albert Einstein once remarked that the human race will require an entirely new manner of thinking if it is to survive. I am inclined to agree. Our “waste disposal” systems must be rethought. As an alternative to our current throw-away mentality, we can understand that organic material is a resource, rather than a waste, that can be beneficially recycled using natural processes.” – Joe Jenkins

“We have to stop thinking of human excrement and organic refuse as waste. When we do, then we’ll stop defecating in our drinking water and stop sending our garbage to landfills.” – Joe Jenkins

For all those interested in Sustainability, Self-Responsibility, and being a beneficial Earthen Organism (compared to most human people especially in the West, who live like parasites to Earth) I recommend reading “The Humanure Handbook” by Joseph Jenkins. Joseph has been composting his own (and his family’s) “humanure” (human feces) and utilizing it as a valuable resource that adds rich fertility to his soil, for the better part of 3 decades! And according to him, he and his family have been enjoying vibrant health. He writes from his heart, and from the confident place of experience and accumulated knowledge, he also has a great sense of humor, I really enjoyed reading this book.

The book starts off pointing out the highly inefficient and problematic current system that deals with the majority of peoples human excreta in the Western World. This “Waste Management” system is based on a fearful, and in my opinion ignorant misinterpretation of a valuable resource of “humanure” and, based on this misunderstanding is the biggest polluter of Water, Air and Soil, on Earth, that gets worse with each passing day. A system that labels human excreta as “waste” (many other cultures on Earth think of human excreta as a valuable renewable resource that gives back fertility to the land when properly thermophilicly composted… Google: hunzakuts people- they are famous for their vibrant health, longevity and their ancient wise agriculture practices). Then the book describes many different styles of composting toilets, the difference of the “compost” at the end of its cycle and the process of how to properly compost any excreta to kill all pathogens and turn turds into rich healthy compost, with out creating any “waste”, pollution or odorous mess. The simplicity is so refreshing and empowering.

I feel sad when I think of going on water only because people in our egotistical and ignorant culture like so much to just shit in our MOST SACRED and Important Natural Resource, Water. WATER! Just for the “convenience” of being able to excrete and flush and walk away, not caring where the shit goes. This “taboo” subject is one many people don’t want to face. We need to grow the hell up, and wake up to the damage this cultural psychological retardation (a.k.a. “fecophobia”) is actively doing to our SHARED Planet and ONLY Host!! (unless you have a spaceship we have no where to go!) Where our feces and urine goes after we “flush it away” is a disturbing journey that effects the Planet and all Her inhabitants with pollution because it is handled in such a STUPID, irresponsible totally unnecessary, wastefully expensive way! (i.e. waste water treatment centers and septic tanks- any thing that dumps raw shit into water like creeks or allowed to pollute ground water should be banned… no it should be common f*%$ing sense?! RIGHT?! I don’t want to be poisoned by peoples crap and urine! Do you?).

Be aware Fecophobes, its time to awaken to the TRUTH that can save Humanity from being targeted by Earth’s Immune System as a pathogen and eliminated from Her skin. There is no waste in Nature! Our own fear of Human Excreta is the cause behind such irrational irresponsible behavior, and the whole of the planet is the One paying for it. Humanure is a natural byproduct of the human organism consuming foods grown from the Earth, in soil that is mixed with fecal matter from other creatures, that the plants eat and bear fruit, that we eat. Why is it ok to spread raw horse, cow or chicken shit on our soil for fertilizing plants for eating, but humanure is called “waste” and is instead carelessly and most likely ignorantly used to pollute our planet? The human fecophobes just keep on “flushing away” our raw polluting poo out to sea for Nature to deal with? This practice has proven to be KILLING so many species and ruining habitats that will take the Earth great effort and time to heal, not to mention poisoning our drinking water causing various diseases and illness for humans, animals and plants, all species are effected by this insanity!

I’m angry at myself for being so blind and irresponsible for so long as well. Its hard to live in this urban community that still uses “traditional” water flushing sewer systems and peeing and excreting in the clear water in the toilet. I am even more motivated and excited to get out on our land and start anew! Away from all this established madness and insanity.  I want to BE the Change so much… what helps me get through still having to use the flushing loo here in the city, I just imagine and pretend I’m on the farm whenever I have to go, and visualize actually going in my customized composting excreta collector. I’ve already drawn out a desired design! Created from readily available materials, low cost, efficient, sanitary, odorless and even attractive!

To say the least I am inspired! I feel like I’ve reached a new depth of joining the Circle of Life, and Being the Change by desiring to take FULL responsibility for all the I choose, be, think, do, consume and excrete. Hallelujah! Ha ha ha!

Compost is just part of natural “organic” or eco-friendly farming, its also the link that has been broken in the human’s integration into the circle of life. We act as if we are separate from Nature, and live like that… look at the damage this way of thinking has caused on our little planet. I am having a fabulous experience of educating myself on the proccess of re-integrating into Nature. I want to be part of the solution, part of Healing the Earth. I feel like I’m learning a new language, a new way of seeing the world.  Getting to know my Microbial Kin, and how to responsibly and creatively encourage the beneficial ones to surround my self and family, resulting in vibrant health, higher/happier vibrations, miracles, connectedness with the Earth and My Soul. Truly a Spiritually Binding Experience. Something as “simple” as adding fertility back to the soil, brings me closer to my Creator. I desire with excited anticipation to be using all that we are blessed with, creating zero waste like the indigenous peoples did for a millenia (and still do in cultures like the Hunza’s) and learning to recognize value in the most unexpected places.

The next book on my Wish List:

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