Great Affirmation

Inspired by Abraham-Hicks, in their book “Ask and it is Given”

“I am enjoying the evolution of my desires. I feel wonderful as I stand in this place where many things that I desire have not yet come to me.”

Such a powerful statement to choose to believe and affirm.

As I let this statement permeate my energy with vibrations of love, empowerment and joy, I see blessings and past desires manifested in my Now. I know that I am a magnetic force, summoning that which I think about and desire. I am ever so thankful for the ability to see these things, and allow the blessings of acknowledgement and gratitude for all that I am blessed with to fill my thoughts and vibration. I do enjoy my desires that have yet to manifest in my life, the excitement and expectation of *knowing* that my desires, even better than I can now imagine, are coming to me in ways I could not myself orchestrate are on their way to me even Now… really puts things in perspective. Helps me know that I am Loved, and All Is Well.


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