Spring Equinox & Green House FUN!

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Already sending up shoots, Beans, Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Arugula, Kale, Broccoli, and Peas 🙂

Eostar is just around the corner! Right around 3/19 to 3/22 the balance of the year is shifting as we observe the Spring Equinox. Eostar takes it’s name from a Germanic Goddess of Fertility and Spring! We celebrate this time when day and night are equal in length. Winter is waning and Spring is officially beginning! Such an exciting time, as we enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our new greenhouse is a favorite spot for me to be! It’s already full of life, baby seeds germinating and so many of them already sending up their tiny shoots! Also in our yard, Daffodils are in bloom, the Raspberries leaves are bursting forth, and the Lemon Balm is coming back with much vigor! In our green house we have straw bales that we have been fertilizing and waiting for them to come alive. The temp inside the green house is about 52 degrees, in the bales the temp reads 70.3! THANK YOU MICROBES!! All our little baby seeds are enjoying the wet, humid micro climate of the greenhouse while there is frost on top of the straw that is spread out in the garden beds surrounding the greenhouse… outside it’s about 38 degrees. I love our greenhouse! We are going to have SUCH a jump on planting once the time of frosty nights passes into warm Spring!

70.3 degrees F

The bales are alive with microbial activity! Helping to keep our greenhouse warm and insulated, and also getting ready for us to plant strait into the bales. I believe our precious pepper plants will have the honor of living in the bales once their seedlings are big enough! SO EXCITING!!


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