Empowered Reproductive Control: Ideas from a fellow Wise Woman :)

I am inspired! This link goes to a blog of a woman who’s work inspires and fascinates me! Her ideas and associations excite and inspire!
Passions bring such abundant gifts! Thank you AarTiana for your vision, knowledge and beautiful expressions of both! I bow to you SisStar Goddess, keep Being You! ❤

Susun Weed’s “Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year” is hands down the best book on female reproductive care I have ever found so far. She has a list in this book of herbs that help to stimulate and encourage the monthly blood cycle, also herbs that can sterilize naturally. I have been interested in natural methods of birth control for quite some time. Pulling out DOES NOT WORK! hahaha After having my 4th child I became very serious about finding a natural solution, as pharma’s pills, rings, IUDs, hormone hijackings, shots, surgery and the rest of it is too dangerous to even consider (at least for me). So I started charting my cycle, not tracking useless things like temps or using any kind of device tho. I track my moods, vaginal mucus (texture/color/consistency- as these are all indicators of where I am in my cycle and indicates fertile days) and I also chart my desire for sex. I like to look back and see how my patterns unfold so that I am more attuned to my body’s natural cycles. This information and practice gained has been life transforming for me, as I feel more attuned to the Natural Cycles of the Earth and Moon and Her Seasons as I attune to my body. To do this, I just got a folder, made up some charts (I can share them if any are interested). I chart daily, and 2 days before my expected start date, I start drinking some homemade Ginger Beer, (Ginger Tea would work too, but I find the Fermented Ginger to be more reliable and potent). Ginger stimulates the womb, and moves the energy in that area and stimulates the moon blood to start. Its worked wonderfully for me so far, and I’m wicked fertile! It would help greatly if the woman cultivates a friendly, loving respect for her uterus, her moon cycle and the power that brings, rather than the all too common attitude toward female fertility known as “the curse”. Attitude weighs heavily on a woman’s creative aspect.

The AstroHerbalist - Lisa Allen, MH

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Thank you Sean Donahue for hosting this awesome Blog Party – Herbs for Sexual Health!

Disclaimer: Even though it is shown that one can use herbs and other natural methods for birth control with success, this post, or any part of it, cannot make any guarantees whatsoever.  My personal plan is merely here for your information, meant to be read in its entirety, and the hope is that you would find the drive to do your own thorough research.  The term “research” can mean not only reading materials on herbology, anatomy, and related topics; but also a deep inner knowing of your body and its needs, an ability to communicate with your body, an ability to focus and will-fully set balanced and proper intention, and an ability to communicate with the plant kingdom.  If you manifest an…

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One thought on “Empowered Reproductive Control: Ideas from a fellow Wise Woman :)

  1. Thanks so much for your compliments and for helping the message get out there! Do keep us posted with your progress on implementing this information as others can learn from your experience as well. Love the name Earthen Stewards, it is a name I think of when I reflect on not only what I do but who I am. My wish is to empower us individually, because as groups, they are only as strong as the weakest individual 🙂

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