2/24/2012 ::Rampage of Appreciation:: Thank You Timmy

This morning I feel the desire to brag/gush over my amazing Husband. Lately, Tim has been telling me;

“I’m thankful for all that you do.” He told me that he no longer notices what I’m ‘not doing’ and focusing more on appreciating all that I do instead.Wow! My Man ROCKS!!!

We both came into this relationship with emotional baggage and non-serving habits from our collective past. Both of us coming into it habitually focused on what our partner was “lacking”, our differences or the things our partner wasn’t doing, or was doing “wrong” which nearly ended our relationship several times. Each time realizing how much we wanted to stay together and not let the trivial details of life get in the way. We both began the shift in intention, the inner change of what aspects to focus on about any given subject (i.e. each other)- we chose to focus on how much we appreciate the qualities, virtues, and actions, deeds and intentions our partner does have and how much we do for each other and our children, our goals and dreams for our future.


I brag and gush that my hubby is the best! He inspires me, turns me on, encourages, supports me, my best friend and soul mate. I love going down the rabbit hole with you, Timmy! Exploring Life with you is my joyful honor! Thank you for being the perfect lovable you, and for loving me back.


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