Kombucha: Scoby & Starter for sale

I have a surplus of Kombucha S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Colonies Of Bacteria & Yeasts), and starter (finished Kombucha to add to the new batch) I’m willing to share. You can either bring your own container (1 quart or bigger jar, large bowl, zip lock bag etc) and come pick up your new Kombucha starter and SCOBY, or I can ship it to you. If you come pick it up you get this amazingly delicious, probiotic health empowering culture for $5. If you would like me to ship it to you I would be glad to, it will be $15 to cover shipping & packaging.

This picture is of my monster batches of Kombucha. These are both 2 quart jars. I brew a lot because I drink a lot of this delicious probiotic beverage.

Left: Finished Kombucha - Right: New Batch

::Brewing Instructions::

For 1 quart finished product

Materials Needed:

SCOBY & 1/2 cup finished brewed Kombucha

Quart size jar, or bowl.

Coffee Filters for breathable lids, or you can use a towel or other breathable porous cloth you have on hand.

Rubberband or ring lid to hold the cloth/filter tight to jar to keep flies and other critters out.

1 quart of filtered water

1/4 cup sugar (white is fine, but I use organic)

4 bags of organic green or black tea (I use green tea, the tea is important as it keeps the pH in the water at a level that supports the beneficial bacteria to stay dominant in the culture.)


Setting your Kombucha SCOBY and starter fluid in a safe place out of the way for the moment. Take half of your filtered water and bring to a boil, then pour it in the jar, then place the tea bags in there and let this solution steep till the water cools back to room temperature. Please be patient and let the time pass, allowing things to go slowly brews a superior finished beverage, impatience and Kombucha don’t mix.

Then once the water is back to room temp, take out the tea bags and pour in the sugar, stirring till it completely dissolves. Then put in half of the remaining filtered water and mix. Then pour in the Kombucha Starter Liquid, and then put in the SCOBY.

Top it with the coffee filter or cloth, and let it sit out of direct sunlight in a cozy temp of around 70 degrees F. I put mine on a counter in my kitchen, but you can put it anywhere that is safe and out of the way. You don’t want it to be bumped or bothered while it cultures. Let it sit for 7-10 days- then its done. You can leave it sitting up to 30 days, but as it continues to sit and culture, the flavor will get more and more acidic and vinegar like. It’s all about the taste for you. So after 7 days, taste it and see if you feel it’s done.

Here are a few links of others brewing Kombucha, so you can get a better idea of the care, maintenance and benefits of having your own Kombucha Culture.


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