Drafting Our Dream Home into Spirit!

Ok, this is an exciting rite of passage for me! Since I was a young girl, and watched a family friend build his own home from the conception to manifestation, I’ve always wanted to create my own home! Up until recent years I haven’t known or felt the joy of deciding on a design… I loved looking at homes, all different kinds, but never *knew* which one I wanted to build for myself and family. I have wanted round walls and organic shaped surroundings for years, but only really knew of using wood for construction and knew the complexity and difficulty involved in making wood bend and curve the way I desired. Until hubby and I discovered Earthen Homes! Eco-Domes, Earth Bag Construction, Cob Sculpting! OH HEAVEN! My dream is manifesting before my eyes in better ways than I could have imagined even 1 year ago!

On Saturday (1/28) the family and I were playin the backyard, and after we spread out some straw and compost onto our garden beds, hubby decided he was going to use spray paint and outline an eco-dome on the lawn for fun 🙂 OH it was FUN INDEED! Then shortly after we drew out a big one on the lawn, hubby got busy putting his artistic eye and building knowledge to work drafting our ideas into shape… it’s coming along, and this is the beautiful expression of our Dream Home so far 🙂


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