Life is a Museum

Can you look at your life as a beautiful museum of all of your treasures? You have your family, your friends, your pets, your home, your cars, your clothes, all of the treasures that you have accumulated, are in your life just like a museum curator. Yet you walk past them blind to them all the time. Now, we can hear you say yes, but if I looked at every painting, if I looked at every picture, if I… looked at every photograph, if I looked at every piece of furniture, if I looked at every piece of jewelry, I would never do anything else. Yet we are not asking you to do this. What we’re saying is as you walk through your life when your eyes land on something, when you sit in a chair or a couch, when your hand grabs a piece of silverware or a mug, when you put your fingers into your jewelry box, when you reach into the closet to pull out a garment, don’t do it is though you’ve done it a thousand times before, even if you have. Do it as if the Mona Lisa is hanging before you. Do it as if Michelangelo’s sculpture is there for you to experience. You’ll go halfway around the world to look at this beautiful art, but you forget the beauty in the museum you have created.

~The Girls
1-26-2011 from the forthcoming book, The Homo Spiritus Sessions, Collection Four


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