Pink & Kale Kraut :) mmm


5 gallon bucket

1 fitted plate, to hold kraut under brine

1 gallon jug, washed and filled to use as a weight

Muslin, cheesecloth or towel to drape over top to keep flies and dust out

Rubber Band, large enough to hold cloth cover tight to bucket


3 green cabbages, shredded

1 red cabbage, shredded

2 bundles of Kale, shredded

8 cloves of garlic, smashed and allowed to oxydize

1/4 cup of fermented veggie juice from previous batch of pickled green beans

Salt to taste, water to 1 inch over the tamped down kraut

I shred all leafy goodies, and tamp them down in a bowl with little bits of salt here and there, to help draw out their juices. I then dump the bowls into the bucket. Once all the leafy goodness is tamped with salt and in the bucket, with my hands I give the whole bucket a good stirring and re tamp it down into the bucket. Then I place the plate down and with some salt water brine I pour enough water over to submerge the kraut an inch. Put the clean jug of water on top of the plate and cover. I let mine sit a few weeks till desired flavor is there, then transfer into smaller jars and store in the refrigerator. Mmmm mm! ♥ DIY Probiotic Goodness!

the above video is what got me going doing my own homemade live cultured goodness. My family’s health has been enhanced many fold already!


After only one night the ferment has changed a lot! Already starting to sour and bubble with vigor and vimm!

Also the juice has taken on a nice pink pigment from the red cabbage.


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