Ginger Bug and Ginger Beer :)

I am so excited about this project! Ginger has become my friend and ally in guiding my body’s fertility.  Ginger is a potent stimulant and should not be used daily, but I have found it to be helpful in encouraging my Moon Cycle to start when taken in small amounts around the expected starting time.

This potent fermented version is more powerful and delicious than just Ginger Tea, although my mood will sometimes desire the warm tea, I am just in love with this fun drink full of fizzy life and a hard bite! I got the idea to use Ginger for fertility control from my Muse in the Herbal Arts, Susun Weed. The recipe for this amazing probiotic ginger beverage I got from my guru in the Art of Fermentation, Sandor Ellix Katz, from his fabulous fun book, “Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods”. It’s also in the book, “Nourishing Traditions”, by Sally Fallon.

This is my 2nd batch, and am looking forward to documenting this cute little bug’s progress as it bubbles to life in the weeks ahead. It takes about 7 days for the Bug to get bubbling, then once you make the rest of the recipe it takes 3 days of fermenting with a breathable lid, and then put it in bottles and allow to keep fermenting for like 3 more weeks. I’ll do my best to take and post pictures of the fun steps along the way, as I so enjoy the fun interaction with my living thriving foods .:((^_^)):.

I grated up the big chunk of ginger (6-8 inches), and it made close to a cup of grated ginger pulp. I took a Quart size jar and filled it with filtered water, and stirred and dissolved 1 cup of Organic Cane Sugar into the water. Then I took a smaller jar and poured in 1 1/2 cups of the sugar water, added 2 tsp of ginger and shook it around a bit, like a spiraling vortex. Then I covered with a coffee filter and rubber band and put it in a dark warm place in my kitchen. I put the rest of the ginger pulp in the bigger jar of sugar water and put a lid on it and stored it in the fridge as my Bug’s daily food. I’ll feed the Ginger bug about 2 teaspoons of sugar water and ginger each day till the bug is bubbling like crazy! Can’t wait to post pictures 🙂 Its a fun process to be witness and partner too ♥

I can’t help but think of movies that I resonated with the truthes braided into beautifully expressed, fun films like “Osmosis Jones” and “Horton Hears A Who”, and then bible verses like “As Above, So Below”, and the occult symbolism’s and fractal art… I know everything is alive and vibrating. I can feel it. So I know these little ones are there, and my imagination goes wild with it! I love knowing they nourish me, and how cultivating them allows them to offer such a wonderful benefits, I just love them so much 🙂 And if you ever get a chance, check out the work and experiments of Dr. Marasu Emoto, he does amazing life altering work with freezing water and how thoughts and feelings and consciousness effects the formation of crystals during freezing process. Amazing!

In about a week, I will take 2 quarts of water and dissolve 1 1/2 cups of organic cane sugar. Then, I plan to pour off most of the bug into the sugar water and put it all in my 2 quart jar and allow to sit, covered. Let it get bubbly for 2+ weeks, chill and use.



**Update** apologies for the lack of pictures. The resulting batch of Ginger beer is delicious, and potent!



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