A Time to Read

Wow. One thing I have a lot more time for lately, is reading! I’ve been studying my books and it feels so good! So thankful I let facebook go! Right now I’m reading several books:

  1. Nourishing Traditions
  2. The Fourfold Path To Healing
  3. Joy
  4. Mama Gena “Marriage Manual”
  5. And my favorite book, “The Natural Way of Farming” by Masanoba Fukuoka

The 5th book is the one I think of the most. I just love the way this Seer writes! Such wisdom, simplicity and beauty. In this book he rips modern man a new one, but one that needs to be ripped! I’ve been thinking these things for years. I want to be a benevolent, nourishing addition to our Land. I desire our Land to want us there as much as we want to be there, including the microbes, animals, plants and soil. I want to coexists with out violating.


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